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How to rectify Brother Printer not printing issue?

It can be very irritating when the brother printer refuses to print the documents. When you’re in the middle of the printing procedure and need an urgent printout, your brother printer shows the technical message brother printer not printing error. It is sure the almost all printer users face this technical error once in their printing duration. If you are passing through this technical error, you must know the possible reasons of this technical glitch. Before solving this technical error, you must follow the below explained instructions carefully.


The Possible technical reasons of Brother Printer not printing problem-


When you face a brother printer not printing error after connecting the printing machine to your computer system, it is the best time to begin searching the possible technical reasons. After full observation, we are going to explain some technical causes behind this technical error.

  1. The printer is not connected to Internet Correctly
  2. If you try to connect multiple printers to computer systems, it is extremely necessary to choose the brother printer as the default printing machine. If not, your brother printer won’t print the important documents.
  3. If the connection cable is faulty or loose, it is very important that your printing machine won’t print
  4. The printing machine can prevent when the ink cartridge is fully empty
  5. Wrongly putting the paper sheet in the trial and lack of papers can be the major reason for this error

Easy Technical Instructions to Solve Brother Printer Not Printing Error


Method1- Reboot and Power off Brother Printer


When your Brother printer is not printing the documents, restarting and turning off the printing machine can solve this technical issue. First of all, you can switch off your printing machine and after that disconnect it from the gadget. Wait for a few seconds, you need to connect it again with the computer system. After this process, you need to switch on the printing device and observe carefully if your printing machine is printing or not. In the case, if you’re facing this error, you can choose the next solution.


Method2- Check carefully, if the cables are in a location


In the case, your brother printer has installed through a wired connection, after that, you can make sure that its USB cable is rightly hooked up to the computer system. In addition, check carefully that the USB is identified. Sometimes, the printing machine can fail to print due to the wrong wire or loose connection.


Method3-Clear Spooler Files fully


To resolve brother printer not printing error, you must eliminate the spooler files and reset it in the correct ways. If you’re facing this error, you should follow the below steps-


Step1-Visit the taskbar menu at the bottom

Step2- In the search section, you must enter the required services and click on ‘first result’

Step3- You should click on ‘Standards’ button

Step4- Search ‘Print spooler’ and make double-click on it correctly

Step5- You should click on the ‘Stop’ option

Step6- Finally, you can click on the ‘OK’ button

Step7-Type %WINDIR%\system32\spool\printers in the search bar correctly and press ‘enter’ button

Step8- The outcomes appear, and click on %WINDIR%\system32\spool\PRINTERS rightly

Step9- Eliminate all the files available in the particular folder

Step10- Once again visit search bar menu and enter services

Step11- Select ‘services’ and visit the ‘Standards tab’ menu

Step12- Identify the print spooler button and make double click on it correctly

Step13- You should click on the ‘start’ option

Step14- Go to the startup field and select the automatic option

Step15- Finally, you can click on the ‘ok’ option correctly. So, you can resolve the brother printer not printing errors easily.


With the help of all these instructions, you can resolve the brother printer not printing easily. These technical steps are very helpful to you. These instructions help you to come out from this error immediately. Still, if you are experiencing this technical issue, you can call our printer technicians to get full technical guidance to resolve this technical problem.


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